Global Campaign for Leprosy Elimination


WHO Goodwill Ambassador’s Newsletter Number 89 (02/2018) Disability and Leprosy

Topics 2018.10.11

Report of "Global Appeal 2018" in Delhi

・MESSAGE: Disability and Leprosy
・GLOBAL APPEAL 2018: Toward an Inclusive Society
 ・Latest appeal aligns with disability movement for end to stigma and discrimination.
  ・Know Your Rights
   ・If you want to claim your rights, you have to know what they are, conference told.
・REPORT: Tigers and Goats
 ・Retreat explores challenges to sustaining the activities of people’s organizations.
・AMBASSADOR’S JOURNAL: Generating Awareness in India
 ・The Goodwill Ambassador launches the 13th Global Appeal from New Delhi,
  and makes a field trip to Jharkhand.
・NEWS: Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy
 ・Aims to accelerate progress toward a world without leprosy through innovation.

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